The 2016 edition of JoomlaFestival is scheduled in Italy in October, the same period that historically we use to organize JoomlaDay Italy for several years.

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These are the various realities of the Italian community of Joomla which dissociate completely from the Joomla Festival feeling useless and counterproductive to conflict with more events dedicated to Joomla in the same period:


People involved in the community that are dissociated from Joomla Festival:



Obviously everyone is free to organize all the events he wants, whenever and wherever he wants, but we do not think it is correct to do it deliberately going into conflict with other events and declare to do so on behalf of the Italian community of Joomla. It is also present a rule in the regulation of events of Joomla that would prevent two teams to organize two official events in the same country:

"1. Official Joomla Event Definition
An Official Joomla Event may be organised on a national, regional, or city basis. There should be only one Official Joomla Event each year in a given geographic location, but there could be several in larger countries such as China, Canada or the USA"

"2.1 Organizing Teams
Two different teams will not be allowed to organize two Official Joomla Events within the same country/region/city during the same year. Open Source Matters, Inc grants any approved Official Joomla Event exclusive use of the Joomla name for the events in their country/region/city for a period of 12 months starting with the date of their application..."


Obviously contacted (12 October 2015) the organization of the Joomla Festival and the events team of asking for moving the date of the event in April/May/June and requiring the approval of the next edition of JoomlaDay 2016 in October, but all to no avail ...

If you're a part of a reality of the Italian community of Joomla and want to join this list publicly dissociating, contact us now. If you are a person involved in the activities of the Italian community of Joomla (author of books, guides, articles, video tutorials, translations, moderator, author of extensions etc ...) and you want to join this list publicly dissociating, contact us now.